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Who is Abu Zarr al-Burmi?

by Florian Flade

Abu Zarr al-Burmi has been around for a while now even though there has not been an official introduction to the audience – the spiritual leader of the Waziristan-bases terrorist group „Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan“ (IMU).

The middle-aged cleric wearing glasses and spotting shoulder-long hair, is featured in several IMU video and audio tapes including the last two video releases in Urdu and Burmese language a short while ago.

In Pakistan the voice of Abu Zarr al-Burmi is a known one to those familiar with a Urdu-language recording featuring a debate by the Jihadi cleric and a Pakistani military official. The IMU mufti declares himself to be part of the Tehrik e-Taliban (TTP) and a representative of the Uzbek and Tajik Muhajiroun (foreign militants) stationed in the tribal areas of Waziristan.

Though unconfirmed Abu Zarr al-Burmi claims to have worked as a teacher at the „Al-Farooq Islamic University“ in Karachi. One of his students was Qari Hussain, the infamous Pakistani Taliban trainer of teenage suicide bombers. „Qari Hussain Ahmad Mahmoud was one of my students“, al-Burmi says. When the Pakistani military started to raid and bomb places in Waziristan in 2004 both Qari Hussain and Abu Zarr left Karachi to join the Mujahidin in the tribal region.“He gave up learning and I gave up teaching“, al-Burmi remembers that time.

Apparently both men joined the Tehrik e-Taliban in the first place. Al-Burmi, a Pakistani national of Burmese ancestry, later became the chief Shariah judge and Mufti of the „Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan“ (IMU).

Today the Jihadi cleric seems to be actively preaching in the Waziristan mosques, calling locals to join the Mujahidin in their fight against the Pakistani government. Jihad against the Pakistani states, its military and politicians is a „individual duty“, Abu Zarr says in his sermons, also calling Pakistan´s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah a „kafir“.

According to his own video messages Abu Zarr al-Burmi is keen on establishing a Shariah state not only in Pakistan but worldwide. In a German-language video release by IMU for example he talks about the historic region of Al-Hind. „At the time of the Prophet Muhammad, nine countries were part of Al-Hind“, al-Burmi says, „Sri Lanka, Maledives, Pakistan, Nepal, Kashmir, Bhutan, Baharat, Burma and Bangladesh.“ From Al-Burmi´s understanding these countries must be islamized again and must join to form a Islamic caliphate ruled by the Shariah.

In the person of Abu Zarrr al-Burmi (also known as Abu Zarr Azzam) the IMU has found a impressive example of Jihadi globalization: a Pakistani-educated cleric of Burmese origin is preaching the idea of International Jihad to foreign fighters in Pakistan´s tribal areas in fluent Arabic and Urdu.

IMU Releases Eid ul-Fitr Video Message

by Florian Flade

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Recently the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) released a new video message featuring the group´s spiritual leader Abu Dharr al-Pakistani giving the Eid ul-Fitr speech in front of dozens of IMU militants somewhere in Waziristan.

The video interestingly was only released a few days ago although the Eid ul-Fitr which marks the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan took place about four weeks ago.

There is nothing significant about the new Eid ul-Fitr lecture by Abu Dharr al-Pakistani. Even the audience listening to the sermon does not seem to be any other than the usual. The two most prominent German Jihadi militants – brothers Yassin (Abu Ibrahim) and Mounir C. (Abu Adam) from Bonn – are also present during the sermon.

New Al-Qaida Video Of Jihadi Cleric Al-Hussainan

by Florian Flade

Last year Al-Qaida´s media wing As-Sahab released numerous Ramadan lectures by the Jihadi cleric Sheikh Khalid Abdur Rahman al-Hussainan (aka „Abu Zaid al-Kuwaiti“), a Kuwaiti national who was allegedly educated at Saudi-Arabian Universities and worked as a scholar at Kuwait´s Ministry for Religious Affairs.

Today a new video of Al-Hussainan was released titled „Dawah Lessons – Preserving the Birds of Prey“. The Kuwaiti scholar, who joined Al-Qaida in the Pakistani tribal areas, is seen sitting next to a camp fire somewhere in a snowy mountainous region of Waziristan.

My guess is, there are more lectures on the issue of giving Dawah coming from Al-Hussainan…