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Fanatischer Pastor stellt Koran vor Gericht

by Florian Flade

Der christliche Fundamentalist Terry Jones plant erneut den Koran zu vernichten. In einem Schauprozess am Sonntag, soll das heilige Buch der Muslime angeklagt und verurteilt werden. Ein muslimischer Geistlicher wird die Rolle der Verteidigung übernehmen, Ankläger und Zeugen sind ausnahmslos ehemalige Muslime, die zum Christentum konvertiert sind.

Pastor Terry Jones  – Organisator vom „Richte den Koran“-Tag

In der Kirchengemeinde „Dove World Outreach Center“ der Ortschaft Gainesville im US-Bundesstaat Florida wird am Sonntag das heilige Buch der Muslime, der Koran in einem Schauprozess angeklagt. Das umstrittene Oberhaupt der christliche Fundamentalist-Gemeinde, Pastor Terry Jones, hatte im vergangenen Jahr geplant, den Koran öffentlich zu verbrennen und damit weltweit Empörung ausgelöst. Im letzten Moment, nach dem Einwirken amerikanischer Politiker, sagte Jones den „Burn the Koran-Day“ im September 2010 ab.

Am Sonntag nun will der Pastor eine weitere provokative Aktion starten. Beim „International Judge the Koran- Day“, werde das für Muslime heilige Buch, vor Gericht stehen, hatte Jones „Welt Online“ bereits im Januar mitgeteilt. „An diesem Tag wird der Koran vor Gericht gestellt werden. Ihm werden Mord, Vergewaltigung, Fehlleitung und Aufrufe zu Terroraktionen vorgeworfen“, so der Pastor. Im Internet laufe eine Abstimmung, auf welche Weise der Koran – falls schuldig befunden – hingerichtet werde, so Terry Jones. Zur Wahl stehen dort „Verbrennen“, „Ertränken“, „Zerreißen“ und „Erschießen“. Den Koran im Fall eines Schuldspruchs zu verbrennen favorisieren im Internet derzeit 69 Prozent.

Der Prozess soll von 16:00 Uhr – 20:00 Uhr in Jones Gemeinde in Gainesville stattfinden und über das Internet live übertragen werden. Jones erklärte Welt Online, der Koran werde einen typisch amerikanischen Prozess erhalten, mit Verteidiger, Ankläger, Richter und Jury. Muslime seien aufgerufen zur Verteidigung des Koran ihre besten Gelehrten und religiösen Würdenträger zu entsenden, sagte Jones. Sollten sich die Anschuldigungen als falsch erweisen, werde es eine „öffentliche Entschuldigung an die Muslime“ geben. Wer den Koran verteidigen werde, stand im Januar noch nicht fest.

Inzwischen wurden die Namen der Verteidigung, Ankläger und Zeugen veröffentlicht. Ahmed Abaza, ein Ägypter der 1987 zum Christentum konvertierte und in Kalifornien den arabischen TV-Sender „The Truth TV“ betreibt, wird als Ankläger auftreten. Die Verteidigung der heiligen Schrift übernimmt Sheikh Imam Mohammed al-Hassan, der Präsident des „Islamic Center in Texas“. Al-Hassan trat außerdem im vergangenen Jahr als Präsidentschaftskandidat in seiner Heimat Sudan auf.

Als Zeugen treten laut Vorabmeldung der Kirchengemeinde zwei zum Christenum konvertierte Muslime auf. Der Ägypter Ahmed Paul „war ein Mitglied der Präsidentengarde in Ägypten (…) und hat den Herrn Jesus 1997 akzeptiert“. Ein weiterer Zeuge ist Sheikh Abdullah al-Sabah aus der kuwaitischen Königsfamilie. Al-Sabah, der 1995 zum Christentum konvertierte, soll in Kuwait aufgrund seines Religionswechsels in Haft gesessen haben.

Der gesamte Koran-Prozess werde in Arabisch abgehalten, kündigte Pastor Jones an, damit sowohl Ankläger als auch Verteidigung im arabischen Original zitieren können. Als Übersetzerin soll eine Frau names Manal Faragalla sein, deren Vater angeblich aufgrund seiner Konvertierung zum Christentum nach Sharia-Gesetzgebung hingerichtet worden sein soll. „Der Herr Jesus hat sie ausgebildet, einer seiner Soldaten zu sein für sein Volk, das unter dem Joch der Sharia lebt“, heißt es über Manal Faragalla in einer E-Mail, die ich jüngst von der Gemeinde erhalten habe.

Veranstalter Terry Jones, der den Islam als teuflische Religion und den Koran als Anleitung für Verbrechen bezeichnet, werde selbst keinen Part in dem Schauprozess übernehmen. „“Ich werde nicht Teil der Jury sein“, sagte Jones „Welt Online“ im Januar. „Das wäre ich gerne, aber ich denke das ist nicht möglich, denn nach allem was vorgefallen ist, gelte ich sicher nicht als unvoreingenommen und unparteiisch.“

Wie im vergangenen Jahr habe auch diesmal die US-Bundespolizei FBI versucht, ihn von seinem Vorhaben abzubringen, so Jones. Er rechne mit Racheakten von muslimischer Seite, sollte es tatsächlich zu einer Koran-Hinrichtung kommen. Doch selbst wenn US-Präsident Barack Obama ihn diesmal persönlich anrufen würde, werde der „Judge the Koran-Day“ nicht abgesagt.

Pictures Show Al-Shabaab´s Talibanesque Rule

by Florian Flade

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North of the Somali capital Mogadishu, the Islamists of Al-Shabaab recently executed two men in public. 38 year-old Abdullah Haji Mohammed was found guilty the Al-Shabaab Sharia court of spying for the Somali government. He allegedly was paid up to US-$ 120 per month for providing the „apostate government“, which Al-Shabaab is fighting, with information about the terrorist group.

The second victim of the Al-Shabaab crime punishment was Abdul Nasser Hussain, 26 years old, who was sentenced to death because of „multiple murders“ he confessed to.

Al-Shabaab fighters shot the two men in front of a large crowd and later released pictures of the public execution on the Internet. The killing took place as the Somali government claimed it had defeated Al-Shabaab in recent clashes in Mogadishu and is now in control of most parts of the city. Just outside of Mogadishu, Al-Shabaab´s Talibanesque rule is still in place.


Egypt´s „Allahu Akbar“-free Revolution

by Florian Flade

Cairo – Police shooting at praying protesters with water cannon

„Ash-sha`ab yurid isqat an-nizam!“ (the people want the overthrow of the system) – that was the slogan chanted by tens of thousands at Cairo´s Tahrir Square, the Square of Liberation, as Egyptians took to the streets yesterday in the biggest protest to topple the Mubarak regime in recent years. From Alexandria to Suez to capital Cairo – about a million angry protesters demanded President Husni Mubarak to step down from his decade-long dictatorship regime. Uncountable numbers of men and women, young and old, called for an end to oppression, one-party rule and police brutality. Encouraged by the events in Tunisia, a week-long protest that led to the collapse of the Ben Ali regime, Egyptians are now eager to bring change to the giant of the Arab world.

As events deteriorated and protest spread from neighborhood to neighborhood Egypt´s leader decided to fight the possibly most dangerous enemies of these riots – Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. All Internet service in Egypt was shut down yesterday in an historic cut-off by the government. In addition all mobile phone providers were informed to end service in the country.

Despite this unique procedure Arabic News was still covering events unfolding in Cairo. Especially Qatar-based Al-Jazeera did an remarkable job in reporting about the protests. While Egypt´s State TV was showing pictures of the sunset and talking about people on the streets in support of President Mubarak, Al-Jazeera aired live footage from the main squares of the city as well as from the fiercely disputed bridges where protesters and police clashed in heavy fights.

The pictures coming from Cairo yesterday were images of a revolution. Burning police cars, bleeding men on the ground, beaten by the regime-loyal security forces, the angry mob tearing shredding portraits of the Egyptian leader who rules his empire at the banks of the Nile since 1981. Eventhough the government imposed a curfew at 6 p.m., people were still on the streets, setting the National Democratic Party´s (NDP – Mubarak´s party) headquarter on fire.

When the army was sent into the major cities Cairo, Alexandria and Suez, the protesters welcomed the soldiers, chanting: „People and military – we are one!“ Those believing in a regime change did not fear Mubarak´s soldiers or a possible violent crackdown of the riots – the people know the only force able to topple the regime within hours is the army. Winning the soldiers sympathies and convincing their leadership Mubarak´s last days have come is the ultimate goal.

More than 410 people were injured on „The Friday of Wrath“, up to 95 people lost their lives. Washington´s voice, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who gave a brief statement on Egypt yesterday, said the United States what´s partnership with the Egyptian people as well as with the government. The US, she said, was very concerned about the violence but called for Mubarak to listen to the people and restore the Internet and communication system.

The „rais“, the leader, himself spoke on State TV in the night hours of Friday. In a disappointing speech he promised democracy to the Egyptians and ordered the cabinet ministers to step down. He wants to create a new government to give more freedom to the Egyptian people.

First reactions on the streets of Cairo show: the cheap statement of the President is not enough to calm down the masses awaiting his resignation. „We don´t want him anymore“ – is the message of the protesters. Mubarak, they say, has to step down.

An Egypt without the authoritarian, secular leader is a nightmare for most of the Western allies of Mubarak, including Israel and the United States. For decades Egypt´s leaders fought Islamist opposition with brutal force, torture and mass-imprisonment. Yet the poor of Egypt are still rallying for the Muslim Brotherhood and their social agenda. The „brothers“ have given up their radical views and militant ideology and have entered the political stages – but they still want religion to dominate the state policy.

Interesting enough this idea didn´t play any role or influence yesterday´s uprising. The Muslim Brotherhood, it seems, is not able to channel the people´s anger and give it an Islamic face. If anything was very clear by watching the picture coming out of Cairo on Friday: it is not religion that is going to topple the Mubarak-regime, it is the call for basic human rights, for free speech and justice, and the end of decade-long oppression.

That of course does not mean Islamists did not take part in yesterday´s wave of protest, but they were in no way dominating the riots. It is the „Allahu akbar“-free revolution, as some called it on the Internet, a people´s uprising without an Islamist ideology in their mind, without the calls for the implementation of Shariah Law, without the calls for Jihad and „Death to Israel!“ or „Death to America!“.

People were praying on the streets of Cairo while police was trying to crack down on the mob. However the religious moment was not a moment of Jihadi-like motivation to overthrow the secular leadership. „The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to burn Egypt. We will not let these thugs burn Egypt“, the Editor of regime-loyal Al-Ahram newspaper claimed yesterday. Did he really believe seeing what was going on in the streets?

A „Khomeini“-Revolution is not the future of Egypt´s protests. Too many Egyptians have realized what it means to live under an Islamist dictatorship. Most of them saw the picture coming from Tehran after the latest elections in Iran. Egyptians saw Iranian youth dying in the streets, trying to fight oppressive leaders who claim to have Allah on their side. At the banks of the Nile, the majority of Egyptians do not want an Islamisc revolution in 2011

And this is also due to the fact that Egypt´s religious parties lack a Khomeini-like leader. Apart from popular regime-enemy El-Baradei, the latest protest lack a real leadership figure. There is no charismatic person leading this revolution. And right there is where the weakness of this protest lays.

Muhammad Husni Mubarak is not willing to leave office. His reign is not coming to an end if he is able to calm down the people by granting them certain rights and liberties they are calling for. Question is: How much anger do the Egyptians hold? Will they accept the small gifts or rather continue to demand a real leadership change and way forward to a democratic, multiple-party system?