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Al-Qaida releases 2nd Dawah Lecture by Sheikh Al-Hussainan

by Florian Flade

Just about a week after Al-Qaida´s propaganda wing As-Sahab Media released the first Dawah lecture by the Kuwaiti Jihadi cleric Sheikh Khalid al-Hussainan, the second part of the video series was released yesterday.

It is titled „Signs of Arrogance“ and features Al-Hussainan sitting in a tend somewhere in the Afghan-Pakistan border region.

For sure the next part is coming up soon – question only is how many Dawah lectures of Sheikh Al-Hussainan there will be. Last year more than a dozen Ramadan speeches by the Kuwaiti Jihadi militant were released by As-Sahab.

New Al-Qaida Video Of Jihadi Cleric Al-Hussainan

by Florian Flade

Last year Al-Qaida´s media wing As-Sahab released numerous Ramadan lectures by the Jihadi cleric Sheikh Khalid Abdur Rahman al-Hussainan (aka „Abu Zaid al-Kuwaiti“), a Kuwaiti national who was allegedly educated at Saudi-Arabian Universities and worked as a scholar at Kuwait´s Ministry for Religious Affairs.

Today a new video of Al-Hussainan was released titled „Dawah Lessons – Preserving the Birds of Prey“. The Kuwaiti scholar, who joined Al-Qaida in the Pakistani tribal areas, is seen sitting next to a camp fire somewhere in a snowy mountainous region of Waziristan.

My guess is, there are more lectures on the issue of giving Dawah coming from Al-Hussainan…

„Tribute To Our People in Libya“ – New Message by Al-Qaida Sheikh Atiyyatullah

by Florian Flade

In less then one week, Al-Qaida´s As-Sahab Media has released a second tape of their Libyan ideologue Sheikh Atiyyatullah, who is suspected of living in Pakistan´s remote North-Waziristan region. This time he produced a 10-minute audio message titled „Tribute To Our People in Libya“.

Most interesting about the latest message to Libya is the fact, that Al-Qaida presents what seems like the actual real name of Atiyyatullah, which is given as „Sheikh Jamal Ibrahim Isthawi al-Misrati“. The name indicates the Libyan al-Qaida figure is originally from Misrata, Libya´s third biggest city at the country´s North-Western coast – an information that was not publicly known or mentioned in any Jihadi Internet forum.