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Swedish Suicide Bomber in Iraq

by Florian Flade

3,130 kilometres – That is the distance between the Swedish City of Stockholm and the Northern Iraqi Town of Mosul and it is also the distance a man living and married in Sweden covered to find death as a martyr in Jihad.

Jihadi sources are claiming the Swedish citizen has carried out a suicide bombing in Iraq back in August. The man named Makram M., a Swedish national of Tunisian origin, allegedly died in the North of Iraq.

Makram M. (born 1974) moved to Sweden in 2000 and was allegedly married to a Swedish woman and lived in Sweden several years before he traveled to Iraq in 2007 and joined a terrorist group, most likely the „Islamic State of Iraq“ an unbrella insurgent organization in which al-Qaeda dominates. As a foreign fighter, he traveled from Egypt via Syria and entered Iraq.

Makram M.´s al-Qaeda identification

– „What do you want to be?“ – „A Fighter“

In the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul, Makram M. blew himself up and died in the explosion. Although it was not exactly identified where the Swedish suicide bomber detonated his explosives, it was said the attack took place in early August. Archive data shows that on August 7th, a suicide bomber attacked a Iraqi police patrol in Mosul killing one policeman and injuring six other people.

I contacted Swedish security officials and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday to ask about the case of the Swedish suicide bomber. They confirmed the information has reached them but they cannot say if the information is correct. „This information has come to our knowledge in recent days“, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told me.

Seems like Norwegian and Swedish Media have picked up this news without mentioning this Blog, eventhough I contacted them and provided the information…quality journalism?