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Lebanon´s Next War: Al-Qa´ida vs. Hizbollah?

by Florian Flade

Why is Lebanese Shiite movement Hizbollah helping a radical Salafi extremist preacher sentenced to life in prison? What is the reason for a al-Qaida admiring, former anti-Shiite cleric Omar Bakri Muhammad to call to „bring Sunnis and Shiites together on certain issues“? In Lebanon the fear of a civil war, driven by al-Qaida´s Anti-Shiism agenda, is rising. Hizbollah observes an increase in hostile propaganda and activities within Lebanon´s Sunni community.

Salafi leaders accuse Hizbollah of threatening the change the face of the country, of acting arrogant and seeing Sunnis as an obstacle to execute their Iranian supported program. On a political level, Hizbollah´s power is seen as a danger to the security of Lebanese Sunnis. Several hardline factions such as the terrorist group „Abdullah al-Azzam Brigade“ are working to steer up hatred and violence between the two Muslim sects. An hour-long Anti-Shiite propaganda video was produced, titled „The Oppressed Sect“ (meaning the Sunnis in Lebanon).

As TIME Magazine reports in „Hizballah Fears ‚Qaeda‘ Type Attacks from Lebanese Sunnis“, Lebanon waits for a event to trigger a civil war situation between militant al-Qaida inspired Sunni groups and Hizbollah-backed Shiite community.

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With Egypt´s Help: Israel kills Gaza Al-Qaeda militant

On November 3th at around noon, Mohammad Jamal Namnam was driving his Sedan through the streets of Gaza City. The 27 year-old Palestinian was on the most-wanted list of the Israel Shin Bet intelligence agency – a resident of Shati-Refugee Camp, Namnam was a hardcore militant, member of the extremist Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam) group, a Salafi break-off organization formed by former members of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and various Fatah militias. On the ideological basis, Jaish al-Islam is considered to be more radical than other Palestinian militant groups and driven by the al-Qaeda-style vision of Global Jihad.

In 2006, Jaish al-Islam and Hamas carried out the assault on a Israeli military outpost in Gaza in which the soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped and is since then being held by the militants. Just one year later, the two groups ended their cooperation when Hamas decided to start a crackdown on the extremist Salafis.

Jaish al-Islam, which consists of only a few dozen fighters, is dominated by the Gazan Dughmash family clan, who´s members formally filled the ranks of Hamas´Military wing. Mohammad Namnam was a close aid of Jaish al-Islam leader Mumtaz Dughmash and Israel security forces described him as „a ticking bomb“.

Mohammad Jamal Namnam – killed on basis of Egyptian intelligence

Last week, November 3th, Mohammad Namnam´s terrorist career came to a bloody end, when a Israeli Apache gunship fired a missile at his car, causing it to detonate in a huge fireball explosion. News reports out of Gaza said the explosion was caused by an accident – a car-bomb had exploded prematurely.

In the days after Namnam´s death, Israeli military hinted they were behind the car explosion, saying they had re-started targeted assassinations of militant leaders.

The TIME is now reporting, historic Egyptian-Israeli intelligence cooperation led to the killing of the Jaish al-Islam field commander. Egyptian security forces arrested a Jaish al-Islam arms trader some days prior to Namnam´s death and told the Israeli counterparts about plans by the terrorist group to attack Americans and Israelis on the Sinai Peninsula.

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