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New Bin Laden Audio to France: „You Will Pay a High Price“

by Florian Flade

A new audio tape by Al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden has been broadcasted by Al-Jazeera today. The message „From Osama Bin Laden to the French People“ is directed to France and its President Sarkozy. Bin Laden calls for French troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan. Otherwise he says, al-Qaida will kill French hostages they are holding. The fate of French hostages in Northwest Africa is linked to French policies, Bin Laden states.

„President Nicolas Sarkozy’s refusal to remove his forces from Afghanistan is nothing but a green light to kill the French hostages,“ Bin Laden says in the newest tape. „But we will not do that at the time that he determines to try and finish off with the repercussions of his position, which will cost him dearly inside and outside of France.“

Bin Laden goes on by saying: „We repeat the same message to you: The release of your prisoners in the hands of our brothers is linked to the withdrawal of your soldiers from our countries.“ France with „its doubt and budget deficit does not need a new front“, the al-Qaida leader warns.

Friday´s audio message is the second one in which Osama Bin Laden talks about French hostages held by al-Qaida. Although this time he does not explicitly mention the Niger hostages held by Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, there is no doubt Bin Laden highlights the five French nationals kidnapped in West-Africa.

French hostages held by al-Qaida in Niger

In September 2010 seven workers of a French company including five French nationals where kidnapped in Niger. Al-Qaida´s North-African branch AQIM claimed responsibility and released pictures and audio tapes of the hostages. The group demanded the release of Muslim prisoners in France as well as a rescission of the Burqa-ban imposed in France in 2010. AQIM said the fate of the hostages is determined by the decision of the al-Qaida leadership. France should negotiate the release of its citizens with Bin Laden, AQIM said.

Recently two Frenchmen were kidnapped by AQIM from a restaurant in Niger. Both men were killed in a rescue attempt by French Special Forces.

Two French journalists are being held hostage by the Taliban since December 2009 when they were abducted in eastern Afghanistan. In video messages released by the Taliban, the journalists called upon President Sarkozy to meet the demands of the kidnappers.

Bin Laden´s new tape is a clear indiciation the al-Qaida leader wants to proof the small leadership of al-Qaida Central in the Afghanistan-Pakistan tribal area is still in control of the whole organization. He responds to the North-African al-Qaida´s messages and therefore integrates the AQIM-branch into the network. The picture Bin Laden would like to present with this and previous tapes is:

1. The overseas branches of al-Qaida act according to the organization´s overall agenda of global jihad against the US, Israel and their interests and partners as well as against the traitor regimes of the Muslim world – but al-Qaida Central is still in control of the detail decisions.

2. The fate of French hostages in far-away Niger is decided by Bin Laden himself in the mountains of Waziristan. He as the leader and founder of Al-Qaida is still in charge of the network.

3. „It is all up to you“ – he points towards France´s President and explains his refusal of withdrawing troops from Muslim lands will result in the execution of French hostages. This way Bin Laden plays the ball to the French government which followed a very clear line in the past of not negotiating with al-Qaida. Rather France is still trying to use its military might (special forces in North-West-Africa) to rescue kidnapped French citizens. With his statement Bin Laden tells the French leader: you will have the blood of your citizens on your hand.

New Message from Osama Bin Laden

by Florian Flade

A new audio tape titled „Pause the Relief Work“ by al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has been released today by As-Sahab media wing of the terror network.

It deals with the recent flood tragedy in Pakistan was most likely recorded in August as Bin Laden is greeting the Muslim Ummah on the occasion of Ramadan.

„To the Muslim Ummah“, Bin Laden says in the beginning of the new audio tape, „I sent my greetings on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan – a month of Quran (…), a month  of good deeds and Jihad“.

In the following, very unsual message, Osama Bin Laden warns about the lack of food due to global warming and climate change. He says Muslim regions are suffering also because useful acreage is fallow and left fallow by the Muslims. Large portions of Muslim countries could be used for agriculture and cattle farming, Bin Laden suggests.

For instance in Sudan, most parts of the country are not used in any way by farmers to feed the people. „The family of businessmen and traders should sent out their sons to work on the fields or in relief work“ – Bin Laden says.

Global warming is destroying the ability of Muslim people to feed themselves with their own produced agricultural products. „This is a matter of life and death“, the al-Qaeda leader warns, „The number of victims caused by climate change is bigger than the number of victims caused by war.“

The Pakistani flood tragedy is also mentioned by Bin Laden. „The disaster is larger than it is portrayed“, the Saudi says, „“I pray to Allah to accept all those killed in the flood in Pakistan in his paradise.“ He goes on, critizising the regimes of the region. They are spending more money on their military than on helping the flood victims, Bin Laden claims.

„The situation we are faced with is calling for generous souls and brave men to take action and provide relief work to their brothers and sisters in Pakistan.“

Osama Bin Laden´s new tape was clearly not meant as a 9/11-anniversary message. Instead it is the continuation of Bin Laden´s January tape in which he talked about climate change and globalization, calling for the replacement of the US-Dollar as the world´s No.1 currency. America´s economy has to come to a standstill, the al-Qaeda leader said in January, if we want to stop global warming.

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