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„I Renounce My German Passport“ – Letter by German Jihadi Widow „Ummu Safiyya“

by Florian Flade

Two years ago her husband died fighting the Pakistani military in the tribal region of Waziristan, now she calls upon German Muslim women to join the Jihad in Pakistan – „Ummu Safiyya“ the German widow of Jihadi Javad S. „Abu Safiyya“).

In a new letter signed by the Jihadi widow, Luisa S. from Bonn claims that she and the women and children of the „Islamic Movement Uzbekistan“ (IMU) are doing well and all fine. She explains that returning to Germany is not an option and that the role of the women in Jihad is an important one fulfilled in the villages of Waziristan also by the foreign Mujahidin wives.

„At first I want to say the following about the rumours that I became a shaheeda (female martyr)“, Luisa S. begins her letter, „Unfortunately Allah did not present me with this gift.“

Very often IMU receives letters from women, Luisa S. writes, in which the women ask wether or not it is risky and dangerous for women and their families to join the Jihad and travel to a country like Pakistan.

„Twenty years ago the first members of IMU migrated from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan. The journey went on to Afghanistan and Pakistan. In these 20 years more than 500 men became martyrs but only two women died. The first woman died two years ago in a car crash, the other one only recently from a liver desease that she suffered from even before she came to Pakistan.“

„What is worse than living unarmed, humiliated and abused amidst the enemies of Islam and under these infidel laws with your children?“, Luisa S. asks, „When you are living in Germany as a devout Muslim, you are put under their infidel legislative, executive and judiciary. You pay the tax to the enemies of Islam. A percentage of the taxes goes to the Jews. You buy the products and a part of your payment will be invested in the war against Muslims (…) Your neighbors and colleagues are kuffar.“

„We women live far away from the places where the war is taking place, we live in the conquered and secured areas of the Mujahidin. We spend our time to fulfill our Islamic duties, we seek getting closer to Allah and educate our children and Allah willing the future Mujahidin.“

„I have renounced from our laws, our democratic system and from my German passport“, the letter by the German Jihadi widow reads, „I follow my Prophet Muhammad and call the Taliban and all Muslims wordwide my brothers and sisters. Unity, Law and Freedom (German „Einigkeit, Recht und Freiheit“) I did not find at your place, because Unity, Law and Freedom do exist in the true religion of Allah only.“

Luisa S., converted to Islam several years ago and married a German-Afghan named Javad. The couple left Germany with their baby daughter Safiyya in Spring 2009 and traveled to Egypt first before making the journey to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region where they joined the IMU.

Javad S.  akas „Abu Safiyya“ was the first German IMU member to die fighting in Afghanistan when he was shot by Pakistani troops in September 2009. IMU praised the Islamist from Bonn as a martyr in a propaganda tape shortly after Javad S.´s death. In the video widow Luisa S. appears all covered in black, speaking about the virtue of martyrdom and her commitment to Jihad.

German intelligence officials know that Luisa S. is alive, still living in the Waziristan region alongside other German and Uzbek women. It is believed she again married another German Jihadi militant shortly after the death of her first husband.