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German Jihadi Mounir C. Alive

by Florian Flade

Last week news of a drone attack in Pakistan that had killed or wounded German Jihadi Mounir C. aka „Abu Adam“ spread on Jihadist websites with connection to Waziristan-based militant groups.  As new propaganda material was released on the Internet recently, including a audio message by Mounir C., the news has to be corrected.

The „Islamic Movement Uzbekistan“ (IMU) released a short audio recording by Mounir C. as a message on the occasion of Eid ul-Fitr, the end of the Holy month of Ramadan.

„The mujahideen were blessed by Allah to be not only amongst those fasting but also amongst those fighting“, Mounir C. says in the message, „Most conquests and victories of the Muslims were achieved during the month of Ramadan.“

„For many Muslims the day of Eid is not a blessing as they suffer in captivity of the taghout and kuffar“, the Jihadi militant from Bonn continues to say, „the light does not reach their cells during the day of Eid.“

Both, sources from Waziristan and German intelligence, do not have any credible information confirming the death of Mounir C. in a recent US drone attack in the tribal areas. „We do not have any information on that“, a source in German intelligence tells me.

What seems interesting though is the fact that IMU released Mounir C.´s speech as a audio message not as a video – he usually has no reason not to appear on camera. So was Mounir C., one of the most important Mujahid in the ranks of IMU´s propaganda wing, injured in fighting or a drone strike and is still suffering from his wounds?

Gaza-Salafis Kidnap Italian Activist

by Florian Flade

A Salafi militant group based in Gaza has kidnapped a Italian activist who lives in the Gaza Strip for several years and campaigned against Israeli military operations and the lockdown of the territory.

The man appeared in a Youtube video on Thursday, blindfolded, apparently injured in his face. His kidnappers are grabbing his head, pushing it towards the camera.

Allegedly, the hostage takers demand the release of two commanders belonging to their group and held by Hamas which rules Gaza and fights rival Salafi groups trying to establish al-Qaida-linked elements in the region.

In 2007 a British BBC journalist was kidnapped by a militant group in Gaza and later released. It was the last time Palestinian factions in Gaza had taken a Westerner hostage.