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Deutscher Islamist Mounir C. („Abu Adam“) getötet?

by Florian Flade

Mounir C. aus Bonn gilt als „Popstar“ der Dschihad-Szene. Er trat in Dutzenden Propagandavideos auf. Nun soll er in Pakistan Opfer eines Drohnenangriffs geworden sein.

Eine islamistische Internetseite meldet, der deutsche Terrorist Mounir C. sei im afghanisch-pakistanischen Grenzgebiet vor kurzem schwer verwundet, eventuell sogar getötet worden.

Der Deutsch-Marokkaner Mounir C. (29), der den Kampfnamen „Abu Adam“ trägt, sei entweder bei einer militärischen Operation in Waziristan oder bei einem amerikanischen Drohnenangriff schwer verletzt worden, meldet eine islamistische Gruppe aus Pakistan. Die Informationen stammen angeblich direkt von der „Islamischen Bewegung Usbekistans“ (IBU), der Mounir C. angehörte.

Nach meinen Informationen gab es tatsächlich bei einem Drohnenangriff im pakistanischen Waziristan in den vergangenen Wochen ein deutsches Opfer. Ob der deutsche Terrorist dabei starb, ist nicht bekannt. Zwei usbekische Islamisten sollen jedoch getötet worden sein.

Mounir C. und sein Bruder Yassin C. waren 2007 von Deutschland aus zunächst in den Jemen und anschließend weiter nach Pakistan gereist. In Deutschland waren die Brüder eher unauffällig. Mounir C. machte das Abitur, absolvierte seinen Grundwehrdienst und begann anschließend eine Ausbildung bei Bundesamt für Statistik. Noch zu Schulzeiten gerier er immer wieder mit dem Gesetz in Konflikt. Gegen ihn wurde wegen Schwarzfahrens und Drogendelikten sowie Einbrüchen ermittelt. Zu einem Verfahren kam es jedoch nie.

Nach einer Pilgerfahrt nach Mekka soll sich der Deutsch-Marokkaner stärker dem Islam zugewandt haben. Er besuchte nun häufig die Bonner Al-Muhsinin-Moschee, betete regelmäßig und las den Koran. Im Jahr 2007 wanderte Mounir C. in den Jemen aus, wo er offenbar Sprachschulen besuchte. Anschließened folgte die Reise ins afghanisch-pakistanische Grenzgebiet wo aus dem jungen Bonner Mounir C. der militante Dschihadist „Abu Adam“ wurde.

Mounir und Yassin C. schlossen sich in Pakistan der „Islamischen Bewegung Usbekistans“ (IBU) an und treten seitdem regelmäßig in deutschsprachigen Propagandavideos auf, die im Internet veröffentlicht werden.
Die Terrorgruppe IBU operiert im Grenzgebiet zu Afghanistan und soll aus mehreren tausend Kämpfern bestehen. Im pakistanischen Stammesgebiet Waziristan unterhält die IBU terroristische Ausbildungslager in denen auch deutsche Islamisten trainiert werden. Mindestens fünf Dschihadisten aus Deutschland kamen bereits in den Reihen der IBU ums Leben, zwei davon bei Kämpfen im Norden Afghanistans.

Javad S. aus Bonn wurde 2009 von pakistanischen Soldaten erschossen. Ein islamistischer Kämpfer namens „Farooq der Deutsche“ kam bei einem Selbstmordanschlag auf ein Büro einer Entwicklungshilfe-Organisation im nordafghanischen Kunduz ums Leben. In der gleichen Region starb im Frühjahr dieses Jahres Abdullah H. aus Essen. Er wurde von US-Soldaten erschossen. Der Hamburger Shahab D. und der Wuppertaler Deutsch-Türken Bünyamin E. wurden im Oktober 2010 getötet als eine US-Drohne eine Rakete auf ein Haus in Waziristan abfeuerte.

„Miqdaad, the Afghan Blitz“ – German Jihadi Killed in Kunduz

by Florian Flade

The called him „The Afghan Lighting“ because it only took a few weeks from arriving in Waziristan to enter Afghanistan and fight Nato forces in the northern region of Kunduz – Abdullah H. from the West German city of Essen.

A new propaganda tape by the „Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan“ (IMU) celebrates the martyrdom of the German Jihadi militant who was known as „Miqdaad“ amongst the mujahidin fighters.

„Today my special greetings from Khorasan go out to the brothers and sisters in Essen“ – Yassin C., a well-known Jihadi from Bonn says in the new video – „Dear brothers and sisters in Essen, from your city, Allah has choosen a very diligent brother who stood amongst you during prayer only a short time ago. A brother who walked the streets of Essen and did not really attract attention.“

Abdullah from Essen arrived in Waziristan in November 2010, IMU says, and completed military training in January 2011. „A short time later, he traveled to Northern Afghanistan“, German terrorist Yassin C. tells – „On March 20 2011 he (Abdullah) died a martyr´s death in Baghlan, near Kunduz, fighting American soldiers.“

When Abdullah aka „Miqdad“ joined the IMU in the Pakistani tribal areas he told his trainers, he wants to fight in Afghanistan soon. „Please quickly sent me to Kunduz because I want to kill Germans so bad“, he allegedly said.

In the newly released propaganda tape Abdullah H. is seen masked surrounded by Jihadi comrades somewhere in Kunduz. „It´s me, your brother Miqdad“, the son of Afghan immigrants says, „I greet all my brothers and sisters around the world, especially in Germany. All praise is to Allah that I came here to the mujahidin in Afghanistan and Pakistan and was tasked with this special operation to fight the Germans and Nato here in Kunduz.“

German intelligence officials are at the moment trying to contact Abdullah H.´s family in Essen. The young man killed in Kunduz in March was born in Peshawar to parents who fled Afghanistan. In Germany he was not monitored by counter terrorism authorities. Abdullah H. did not appear on any list of possible terrorists. Amongst the Muslim community in Essen he was not known to be one of the extremists. His journey to the Pakistani terror camps happened without German authorities knowing about it.

Recently it became known that another German militant who joined IMU had carried out a suicide operation in Kunduz in 2010. „Farooq the German“ was featured in a German-language IMU tape released a few weeks ago. According to my information this 29-year old militant´s travel movements (came to Waziristan in early 2010) were also not tracked by German intelligence. „We did not know him before the video release“, one German intelligence official told me.

„Mother Be Steadfast – Your Son is Fighting Jihad“

by Florian Flade

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There is a Hadith, a narrations of the words and deeds of Prophet Muhammad, expressing the status of the mother in Islam:

Once a man came to the Prophet asking him: „O Messenger of Allah! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship? The Prophet said: Your mother. The man said, ‘Then who?‘ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man further asked, ‘Then who?‘ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man asked again, ‘Then who?‘ The Prophet said: Then your father.“


The young Moroccan-German Islamist seen in the newest propaganda release by the „Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan“ (IMU) is cleary sticking to Prophet´s words to honor the mother. Abu Ibrahim, who´s real name is Yassin C., is directly addressing his mother in Germany, telling her why he could not hold back and joined the militant movement in the Afghanistan-Pakistan tribal area years ago.

„The following words are coming straight from the deepest bottom of my heart“, the 25year-old Islamist asks and further explains why he left his homeland of Germany to live the life of a Mujahed, a holy warrior in Jihad:

„Every time the phone rings, you hasten and run to catch the call…you desire to hear the voice of your son. O Mother, I´m far away, in great distance to you…and in the old days you could not even bear having me not around for one or two days.“

„You have questions, maybe you are shedding tears because you don´t know where your son is. In what mountains he is wandering, in which cave he is spending the night, which tree is providing shadow to him…Mother I miss you, too. I miss being close to you, I miss your warmth. A son misses his mother.“

„Do you think I do not miss you? I long for you, I would like to see you and to hug you. While I´m speaking, I have your image right before my eyes. Mother, in my view, you are the most beautiful human being…No matter where I am, I pray for you.“

„I´m sure you ask yourself why I left you and Daddy, and the others, why I went out. Why I left you? O mother it is for the little, innocent children you see on TV, young and innocent, they are getting bombed by the allies of Evil…They do not differentiate. They bomb whole towns, killing women, children and the elderly.“

„Honorable, beloved mother…how can I sit in my home while the Ummah is humiliated, raped, tortured and killed? How can I sit in my home after I read the letter of Fatima. Fatima of Iraq, her letter out of Abu Ghraib in which she writes she was raped in a single day by nine US soldiers. Other sisters were also raped and became pregnant. In their bodies they have the babies of these animals.“

„Mother, here are the enemies of Islam, your enemies and my enemies. 50 Nations have invaded this country and that´s why I and the Mujahideen raised the weapons against them. We pray to Allah and beg he is turning us into a fear in their hearts and nightmare…Mother don´t be sad, be happy…Maybe I will be granted martyrdom.“

What seems like a funny propaganda piece is in fact a very rare insight look into the mind of a modern Western Jihadi, who left Europe for Waziristan, fighting against Pakistani Forces and Nato troops in Afghanistan.

It is the first time the German militant Yassin C. has ever referred to his family. His parents are still living in Germany, while Yassin´s older brother Mounir joined him in a long journey taking the brothers from Germany to Yemen in 2006 and then to Pakistan in 2008.

The German Jihadi brothers have been featured in several IMU propaganda tapes since Spring 2009, making them the prime propaganda tool for the Uzbek dominated group of foreign militants.
Yassin appears to be the preacher-type, a battlefield Imam giving lectures, fluently reciting the Quran in Arabic. In contrast his brother Mounir is holding back on the talking, instead creating songs („nasheed“) about Jihad in German. One of Mounir C.´s first songs was titled „We Live To Die“.

In the newest IMU video, Mounir´s voice is heard in the end when he sings the song „Mother Be Steadfast“

Example line:

„Mother, while your tears are dripping, the blood is flowing in Chechnya – The Jews and the Christians are here in Khorasan – The Prophet is insulted and the Quran been trampled on – (chorus) Mother be steadfast, your son is fighting Jihad!“