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New IMU Video about „Martyr Zubayr at-Turki“

by Florian Flade

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Even as drone strike are hitting Waziristan almost on a weekly basis, it seems like the media departments of various terrorist organizations in the region are still working. For example „Jundullah Studio“, the propaganda outlet of the „Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan“ (IMU).

Recently the group´s media wing has released a new video titled „The Martyr Zubayr at-Turki“ about a Turkish Jihadi militant who fought in the ranks of IMU.

The video is – as most of the latest ones by the IMU – of pretty good quality. It tells the story of „Zubayr at-Turki“ who migrated to Waziristan in 2008 and since then fought in numerous battles with the Pakistani military. He was killed recently and left behind his son „Abdullah“ who is also seen in the new video. The footage features several Jihadi militants including IMU´s emir Usman Odil, German Jihadi Yassin C. aka „Abu Ibrahim“ and some Turkish fighters.