New Al-Qaida Video From Yemen On Spies

by Florian Flade

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Al-Qaida´s Yemeni branch „Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula“ (AQAP) has released the second part of its video series titled „Killing of the Spies“. The propaganda footage show a member of Yemeni´s security forces, captured by al-Qaida militants. He is accused of working for the CIA and Yemeni intelligence agency, and tells about Yemeni´s counter-terrorism war.

This video series from is meant to scare those willing to spy on al-Qaida. Similar footage has been released by the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban as well as the „Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan“ (IMU), which produced a multi-part video series on the issue of spies.

Videos and pictures of the execution of alleged traitors and CIA spies are regularly spread on the markets of Waziristan to warn people of the consequences of their actions against the terror networks. Alleged spies have been hunted down systematically since the US-drone policy in Pakistan resulted in a number of high-ranking terrorists being killed.

On a weekly basis beheaded, tortured and murdered bodies of alleged spies are found in the villages of the Pakistani tribal areas, often with warning letters attached. The militants are convinced the drone attacks are mainly the result of spies giving information on the exact location of Jihadi fighters to the CIA. They are also accusing local men of placing small electronic tracking devices at compounds or cars for the unmanned drones to precisely follow their target.

In Yemen, the use of drones by the CIA has not been reported to have increased. Yet, al-Qaida seems to be worried about possible traitors within their own ranks. Intimidation and the show of brutal force are the answers to that fear the Jihadi organization harbors. Predator drones have reportedly been stationed in Yemen by the CIA to hunt down the leaders of AQAP – especially US-Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki who is accused of inspiring several failed and successful attacks in and against the United States.


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